Coronavirus Advisory Updates

Coronavirus Advisory Updates

Coronavirus Advisory Updates by Polk County CERT, Polk County, Oregon.

The following coronavirus advisory updates are provided by Polk CERT in an effort to provide up-to-date and accurate news regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus Information and Resources

Oregon Coronavirus COVID-19 Case Tracking

This COVID-19 case tracking map reports the number of reported COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people by ZIP code of residence.

Worldwide Coronavirus COVID-19 Case Tracking

Johns Hopkins University also provides a coronavirus resource center with COVID-19 case tracking. This interactive map may be accessed to track cases of coronavirus around the world, along with total deaths and total recoveries.

Coronavirus Prevention Tips

Polk CERT Program Coordinator Kimber Townsend is actively involved with COVID-19 response. She has provided the following points to consider in an effort to keep our community safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. The Oregon Oregon Health Authority (OHA) website is the multi-state agency agreed-upon single source for up to date and accurate information. Follow it.  You may also want to follow the OHA Facebook page for their social media updates.

2. Medical masks DO NOT protect you from COVID, so if you are healthy and don’t have any symptoms then stop wasting money on them.

3. They *may* reduce the amount of virus spread by people carrying it. So if you feel flu-like and think you could be ill, THEN wear one. However! There is a specific way to fit them to your face to make them effective. Look up “fit testing N95 masks” on youtube for help. Or ask a first responder/nurse/doctor.

4. Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer. Don’t touch your face, pick your nose or rub your eyes if you haven’t done either of those two things for a while. This is the BEST way to protect yourself.

5. Practice voluntary “social distancing”. This simply means try to keep 6 feet (or fingertip to fingertip) distance between yourself and others.

6. Don’t shake hands, elbow bump or smile and nod instead.

7. If you are a Department Manager or Business Owner it’s time to dust off your COOP and start exercising it. Adjust and stagger shifts to reduce the concentration of staff at a single time/location as much as possible. Everyone who CAN telework, should telework. Identify non-essential duties and personnel and have a plan that allows for those processes to be suspended and people to stay home if needed.

8. Refrain from air travel. Reduce/resist attendance at large conferences, workshops, social gatherings and sporting or entertainment venues. Seriously. Just don’t do it.

9. This is not a sprint. This is a marathon. Be realistic, be timely, stay informed.

10. Sand is hard to breathe, so keep your head out if it.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention Tips
Prevention Tips Guide from Oregon Health Authority

Coronavirus Prevention Video

Paul R. Cieslak, MD, Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section of the Oregon Health Authority shares 7 easy, everyday steps we can take to help prevent the infection and spread of coronavirus.

Precautions for Those at Higher Risk from Coronavirus

Early evidence suggests that some people are at higher risk of getting very sick from coronavirus. This includes:

  • Older adults
  • People with serious chronic medical conditions such as:
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Lung disease

If a coronavirus outbreak happens in our community, it could last for a long time. Depending on how severe the outbreak is, public health officials may recommend community actions to reduce people’s risk of being exposed to coronavirus. If you are at higher risk for serious illness from coronavirus because of your age or health issues, it is extra important to take actions to reduce your risk of getting sick with the disease. We recommend reading this CDC report on precautions for those at higher risk of serious illness.

Coronavirus Symptoms Chart

The following coronavirus vs cold and flu symptoms charts are provided by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms chart

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